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Notte de Chelu

Album "Note de chelu"



Cuncordia a Launeddas

copertina album "Cuncordia a Launeddas"
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Published at the end of 2003, the first CD of this group represents the result of 12-year-long musical research. The 12 pieces in the collection aim to give to the public a sample of the potential of the instrument used in an orchestral way not to undo the traditional usage but to open up new musical horizons to the immense Sardinian musical heritage.

Both the religious and the profane repertoire are adequately represented by instrumental pieces and by accompaniment to songs.

The first piece in the CD, Cuncordia, does not belong to any of the codified forms: it arose from the development of a slow and very airy melody, which morphs into an enthralling dance where the virtuosity of the players is highlighted.

A demonstration of Concordia dance, in the traditional sense, could not be missing; the unusual choice of Mediana a Pipia e Punt’e Organu proved to be really effective, generating a rich, lively and surprising musical piece.

The power of the sound of ten instruments and the wealth of notes, deriving from this, compensate for the rarefaction of virtuosity, which is more evident in solos, and make of this group the first Sardinian orchestra of popular music.